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Your Ceremony is one of the most important elements of your big day.

However, whilst you are free to make the Reception as individual and unique as you desire unfortunately you do not have that same free choice with regard to the content of the Ceremony.

There are rules to follow and most of the vows are pre-written and used for every single Wedding and Civil Partnership Ceremony taking part in your area, if not the entire country.

I have worked as a Registrar for eighteen years so have this first hand.

Some couples are perfectly happy to have that sense of occasion which comes with following the traditional vows and have their Order of Service set by someone else. The reality is that the ceremony is likely to be very quick and impersonal with restrictions on readings, music, vows and sometimes even photographs.

As a further example, civil ceremonies cannot include anything related to religion, such as hymns, prayers, quotations, bible references and even songs indirectly relate to religion.

In many church weddings the taking of photographs during the ceremony is not allowed and sometimes the Photographer's access is restricted.

At the present time it is not widely known there is a way for you to have a ceremony exactly as YOU would like it - unique and personal - and this can be done by simply choosing a Wedding Celebrant.

Wedding Celebrants have been in existence for over 40 years and are widely used throughout America, Australia and most of Europe.
However, in England and Wales you must be legally married first. This can be achieved by having a basic ten minute ceremony in your local Register Office.
It is only necessary for the two of you to attend along with two witnesses. Once this has been completed then you are free to enjoy the ceremony of your dreams.

By choosing a Wedding Celebrant this will allow you to have as much flexibility on your big day as you wish.
You will be free to have your ceremony wherever and whenever you choose. It can be at anytime of day and at any place, inside or out.
The list of locations is as endless as your imagination but it is always a good idea to get the owners permission first of course. The rest .. as they say ... is entirely up to you as to how you wish the ceremony to flow and also reflect your personal beliefs and lifestyle.

In addition you will choose your vows, readings, poems, guest participation -

You may wish to include a mini ceremony within your Ceremony. How about the old tradition of Jumping the Broom, a Handfasting or a Unity Candle Ceremony?

Any savvy bride knows an unbelievable wedding venue when she sees one. Perhaps its the service, the detail, the vibe or perhaps it is all of these.
Quite often it is something you just cannot put you finger on - a romantic look and feel that ignites the senses and sets it apart from other locations.

Pink Champagne Ceremonies will be happy to assist you in finding your perfect location. Your choice may be a classy Hotel or Stately Home, a city centre location or a beautiful garden, park or beach. Together we can find the location of your dreams which combined with love and laughter will shape the memories of your special day and the events surrounding it.



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